2020/05/07 17:33

White Mountaineering Online Storeでは、配送エリア拡大に伴いアジア圏のお客様へのご対応が可能になりました。

対応エリア: 韓国、香港、台湾、タイ、シンガポール、マレーシアなど

この機会にぜひ、Official Online Storeをご覧下さい。


The international shipping to Asia will be available at White Mountaineering online store.

 Available areas for the international shipping: Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Please visit and enjoy shopping at Official Online Store.

*We are not able to ship to China due to COVID-19 at the moment.
There are possibilities of  delays in delivery to other countries.
We appreciate your understanding.